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dropboxignore documentation

It's all about the missing .dropboxignore file.

Photo: Robert Capa. FRANCE. 1949. Nice. French painter, Henri MATISSE.


This CLI shell script aims to take advantage of glob patterns and existing .gitignore files in order to exclude specific folders and files from dropbox sync. The shell script uses this recent approach to ignore the matched folders and files.

Note: The .dropboxignore file is only used by dropboxignore as a configuration file for which files to instruct Dropbox to ignore. It is not used by Dropbox itself.


This tool provides the following usage features:

  • Ignore folders or files based on glob patterns inside the .dropboxignore file.
  • Automatically generate .dropboxignore files based on existing .gitignore files.
  • Ignore specific folders or files via CLI.
  • Revert ignored folders or files.
  • Delete .dropboxignore files.
  • List ignored files and folders.